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Aldeburgh Beach

Aldeburgh Beach

Fantastic Aldeburgh is just 4 miles from Stanley Cottage. The Visit Aldeburgh website describes Aldeburgh as “a wonderful mix of family fun, music and drama, fine eating and drinking, sailing and shopping – something for everyone in the friendliest atmosphere you’ll wish to find on the Suffolk Heritage Coast”

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Thorpeness was created by the Scottish playwright Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie during the Edwardian period. Ogilvie decided to create Thorpeness as a private place to stay for his friends and family to holiday during the summer. Works on creating Thorpeness began in 1910 and the beautiful Tudor and Jacobean style homes we see today began to take form alongside the golf course and country club. Thorpeness remained largely in the ownership of the Ogilvie family until 1972 when most of it was sold.

Thorpeness is approximately a mile north of Aldeburgh & 3 miles from Stanley Cottage. As well as its unique features it is also a great place for walking, cycling and birdwatching with the location being surrounded by heathland, marshland and a shingle beach. There is also a fantastic large boating lake to enjoy.

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Southwold Beach

With its sandy beach and beach hut-lined promenade, Southwold is a great place for days out, as well as a thriving market town atmosphere.

Situated just off the A12 between Aldeburgh and Lowestoft, Southwold is the perfect destination for young and old, families and couples.

Whether it’s relaxation or exhilaration you’re after, this historic and picturesque seaside town is the perfect year-round destination.

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